Even if you have a small front yard, you can use landscaping to dress up your home, while letting everyone know that you do care about your yard …

Too many time homeowners will spend hours and several thousand dollars on landscaping and forget about the part of the yard that anyone driving past will see. Without the proper front yard landscaping, passers-by may get the opinion that the resident does not care about how their property looks. Even those with small front yards can use landscaping to dress up their home, while letting everyone know they do care about their yard.

Efforts can include something as simple as planting grass and having it green to flowers planted along sidewalks and in areas adjacent to the house, but front yard landscaping can also provide the appearance that someone resides in the home. Too many times the areas in front of homes with exceptionally small front yards appear neglected when something as simple as keeping the grass green and trimmed can improve the appearance as well as the value of the home.

Maintaining the front yard landscaping does not have to cost a fortune and if the yard is too small for any additional landscape decorations, perhaps supplementing what little bit of grass that does grow with shrubs and colourful ground cover can make up for a deficiency of green. In can also help with erosion problems, often experienced in lawns without sufficient natural growth.

Small Front Yard Landscaping – Sloping Yards Can Benefit From Terraces

Front areas that have a steep hill or long slope from the house to the street can benefit from building terraces in the lawn. Depending on the width and depth of the lot, front yard landscaping use several short terraces to present a more even appearance to the front of the home. Using different types or colours of plant on each terrace can make each one appears to be a different section of the front lawn.

When building terraces as part of front yard landscaping, using wood or stone to hold the dirt in the desired shape can also add to the overall appeal of the landscaping efforts. Sometimes one of the best additions to the front yard landscaping can be a porch attached to the house. Not a small stoop that serves no creative or functional purpose, but a porch that extends at least half the width of the house.

The porch can be adored with hanging plants as well a furniture that gives the home a unique look and also gives the homeowner a place to sit and admire their front yard landscaping.