Say Goodbye To Monotonous Yards

Many people are adding garden island landscaping to their yards and driveways to dress up their exterior living space

You might be forced to swerve around them when driving through shopping center parking lots, but many people are adding garden island landscaping to their yards and driveways to dress up their exterior living space. While most are built level with the surrounding ground, some are built up to stand above the rest of the landscape to provide a centrepiece for their outdoor decorations.

With garden island landscaping, small walls are built, usually beginning blow grade level and then walls ranging in size from one to four feet are constructed with flowers or other plants put in to offset the appearance of the yard. They can also be used as dividers between different parts of the lawn to separate the diversity of your personal landscaping design. In some instances, a plot of land is raised above the adjacent lawn areas and grass planted simply to create an additional focus area of the lawn.

There are also garden island landscaping designs that do not begin below grade, however a small trench is dug in the ground to create the shape of the garden and then the earth is mounded to the desired height. Any dirt that washes away during rain or during construction is captured by the surrounding trench, keeping it from washing back onto the rest of the yard.

Garden Island Landscaping – Weed Control Must Be Primary Concern

When constructing garden island landscaping keeping weeds from growing in the area should be one of the items in the planning stages of the project. Using plastic may stop any weeds from growing into the garden area, but it also allows the top soil to wash away faster. Many weed control measures can be taken during the initial construction stage that helps prevent erosion while providing a barrier to the weeds in the lower soil.

In the garden island landscaping, if rocks or timbers are used to maintain the garden’s shape, placing the weed barrier along the outer walls will also preserve the topsoil, preventing it from leaking through any cracks in the walls. When building garden island landscaping boxes make sure you allow enough room around the box for your lawn mower, or at least a weed eater to make care of the rest of the lawn convenient.

The garden island landscaping can be used to establish a course through the yard or along lengthy driveways. They can also help break up large sections of yard, adding a new dimension to the design of your outdoor space.