Garden Island Landscaping

Say Goodbye To Monotonous Yards

Many people are adding garden island landscaping to their yards and driveways to dress up their exterior living space

You might be forced to swerve around them when driving through shopping center parking lots, but many people are adding garden island landscaping to their yards and driveways to dress up their exterior living space. While most are built level with the surrounding ground, some are built up to stand above the rest of the landscape to provide a centrepiece for their outdoor decorations.

With garden island landscaping, small walls are built, usually beginning blow grade level and then walls ranging in size from one to four feet are constructed with flowers or other plants put in to offset the appearance of the yard. They can also be used as dividers between different parts of the lawn to separate the diversity of your personal landscaping design. In some instances, a plot of land is raised above the adjacent lawn areas and grass planted simply to create an additional focus area of the lawn.

There are also garden island landscaping designs that do not begin below grade, however a small trench is dug in the ground to create the shape of the garden and then the earth is mounded to the desired height. Any dirt that washes away during rain or during construction is captured by the surrounding trench, keeping it from washing back onto the rest of the yard.

Garden Island Landscaping – Weed Control Must Be Primary Concern

When constructing garden island landscaping keeping weeds from growing in the area should be one of the items in the planning stages of the project. Using plastic may stop any weeds from growing into the garden area, but it also allows the top soil to wash away faster. Many weed control measures can be taken during the initial construction stage that helps prevent erosion while providing a barrier to the weeds in the lower soil.

In the garden island landscaping, if rocks or timbers are used to maintain the garden’s shape, placing the weed barrier along the outer walls will also preserve the topsoil, preventing it from leaking through any cracks in the walls. When building garden island landscaping boxes make sure you allow enough room around the box for your lawn mower, or at least a weed eater to make care of the rest of the lawn convenient.

The garden island landscaping can be used to establish a course through the yard or along lengthy driveways. They can also help break up large sections of yard, adding a new dimension to the design of your outdoor space.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Even if you have a small front yard, you can use landscaping to dress up your home, while letting everyone know that you do care about your yard …

Too many time homeowners will spend hours and several thousand dollars on landscaping and forget about the part of the yard that anyone driving past will see. Without the proper front yard landscaping, passers-by may get the opinion that the resident does not care about how their property looks. Even those with small front yards can use landscaping to dress up their home, while letting everyone know they do care about their yard.

Efforts can include something as simple as planting grass and having it green to flowers planted along sidewalks and in areas adjacent to the house, but front yard landscaping can also provide the appearance that someone resides in the home. Too many times the areas in front of homes with exceptionally small front yards appear neglected when something as simple as keeping the grass green and trimmed can improve the appearance as well as the value of the home.

Maintaining the front yard landscaping does not have to cost a fortune and if the yard is too small for any additional landscape decorations, perhaps supplementing what little bit of grass that does grow with shrubs and colourful ground cover can make up for a deficiency of green. In can also help with erosion problems, often experienced in lawns without sufficient natural growth.

Small Front Yard Landscaping – Sloping Yards Can Benefit From Terraces

Front areas that have a steep hill or long slope from the house to the street can benefit from building terraces in the lawn. Depending on the width and depth of the lot, front yard landscaping use several short terraces to present a more even appearance to the front of the home. Using different types or colors of plant on each terrace can make each one appears to be a different section of the front lawn.

When building terraces as part of front yard landscaping, using wood or stone to hold the dirt in the desired shape can also add to the overall appeal of the landscaping efforts. Sometimes one of the best additions to the front yard landscaping can be a porch attached to the house. Not a small stoop that serves no creative or functional purpose, but a porch that extends at least half the width of the house.

The porch can be adored with hanging plants as well a furniture that gives the home a unique look and also gives the homeowner a place to sit and admire their front yard landscaping.

Backyard Landscaping Is All About You

One of the features of backyard landscaping is that unlike front yard landscaping that is all about others, this one is all about you …

There is no doubt that the best way to learn about landscaping is to get the lowdown from the experts and though gardening magazines are a good alternative, you would also is best served by taking classes in landscaping that are another excellent and worthwhile option worth considering. At a landscaping class you will meet others with similar interests and you can pick up valuable tips on botany and ways to improve implementation of how to cultivate your plants and of course pick up valuable tips on backyard landscaping.

Backyard Landscaping – All About You

One of the features of backyard landscaping is that unlike front yard landscaping that is all about others, this one is all about you and that is why it is so popular since it allows you to improve your outdoor space and at the same time not need to spend a whole lot of money on labor, materials as well as things such as implementing landscaping designs.

In fact, backyard landscaping lets you make your outdoor area look a lot better and it affords you opportunities to add landscaping elements that will improve the looks of your home since you can add functions to improve the environment which in turn will mean that your property’s value will appreciate and it also adds privacy and helps you saves you on energy costs.

Other advantages to backyard landscaping include improving your mood and changing your perception because of the changes to the environment that take place. All in all, you would be able to work at home and thus improve your productivity and also work in an environment that is free from stress. Once you get your backyard landscaping right there are other spin off benefits to be had such as positively impacting those with illnesses since it will promote their relaxation and thus will speed up recovery.

There are other benefits to backyard landscaping too that also include being able to control the amount of sunshine it gets and it also helps to keep the air pure as well, and all it requires is to place the trees and shrubs as well as other elements so as to provide better air circulation in the backyard, while also allowing for just sufficient amount of sunlight to enter your outdoor spaces. Once you plant trees, you will bring down the level of pollution since plants will keep erosion under control and the wind too won’t speed all over the backyard and it also helps in bringing down noise levels, while dispersing mist and helping in the amount of snow that gets deposited in the winter.

Remember also that backyard landscaping is more than merely positioning your plants since it is also a means saving on energy costs and it also helps benefit the environment and of course, it also helps improve the looks of the outdoors, while bringing down costs of electricity as well.