Parents Who Kill: Murderers of Newborn, Pre-Teen and Teenage Children has case studies of British, American and European killers and a chapter which offers solutions. It includes exclusive interviews with an internationally recognised psychiatrist, a British crime scene investigator, the editor of a newspaper which covered one of Scotland’s worst family killers and a top American true crime author.

What makes a mother sequentially kill her pre-school children or a father murder his much-loved son in a blitzkrieg attack?  Why would a supposedly loving couple fatally discipline their only child in front of witnesses? Society is baffled by such murders – murders which Parents Who Kill describes and explains.

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Great news for all true crime fans - Serial Killer Quarterly, the new subscription online magazine, has now been launched. As you can see, Canadian editor Lee Mellor has put together top authors and intriguing themes:

Winter 2014: 21st Century Psychos – Katherine Ramsland, Michael Newton, Lee Mellor
Spring 2014: Partners in Pain - Cathy Scott, Katherine Ramsland, Carol Anne Davis
Summer 2014: Unsolved in America – Harold Schechter, Michael Newton
Fall 2014: Cruel Britannia – Burl Barer, Carol Anne Davis, Katherine Ramsland

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